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Pharmacy Tech Training in Connecticut

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Having a recognized license is quickly becoming a requirement to work all over the medical industry, and pharmacy tech schools in Connecticut help students become licensed pharmacy specialists in just a matter of months.

Help pharmacy technician programs in your general vacinity in their mission to meet this need by enrolling in one of the several NHA or PTCB-approved programs in your community!

School Requirements

The Demands are Small for CPHT School Admission

Entrance prerequisites are also a major factor when choosing between training programs near you. All that is required is a clean criminal background, secondary school diploma, and that the applicant be a minimum of 18 years of age.

Locating Programs

How to Compare CPHT Training Courses in Connecticut

In the State of Connecticut, pharmacy tech schools are required to comply with both federal and local guidelines in order to keep their accreditation. Confirming the program’s accreditation is crucial since it will determine whether or not you’re going to be eligible to test for certification after graduating.

Program Tuition Expenses

Remember to take into consideration that institutions have varying price ranges. But remember you are not alone with this, and there’s assistance with financial aid and grants in Connecticut. Be sure you ask a program representative about the loans and scholarships you can apply for.

Details About Certified Pharmacy Technician Training in Connecticut

The purpose of every pharmacy technician training classes is to get students prepared for the typical demands of working at a professional medical center that distributes medicine. Common topics covered are the following: CT laws for prescription drugs, process to fill patient orders, inventory management and many other topics relating to your pharmacy in Connecticut. The vast majority of programs organize on-the-job training programs for their students as well.

Licensing Info

What’s the Licensure Process for Pharmacy Technicians in CT?

At this moment, Connecticut does not require certification for certified pharmacy techs, however it is set to become a nationwide mandate in 2015. Keep in mind that they can change, but right now, the following represents Connecticut’s prerequisites for certification.

• You must be 17 years old
• Finish an application and submit a application fee for the State Board of Pharmacy
• Pass ExCPT or PTCB exams
• Work required hours of annual education

To check out the latest Connecticut prerequisites for certified pharmacy tech certification, please take a look at this page here on the National Healthcare Association website

Professional Future

After School – Getting Your First Job

The chances of you locating a pharmacy tech job in Connecticut really should be great as stated by the newest official info, as projects exceptional growth in the local employment market. states a 17% increase in the amount of new jobs in this industry by 2020. Wages paid to pharmacy technicians are also quite competitive for Connecticut with a median hourly wage of 14.83.

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