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InterCoast Career Institute-South Portland 207 Gannett Dr, South Portland, Maine 04106

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If you are searching for a career that’s currently needed in the marketplace, then attending the top pharmacy tech programs in Maine may be for you.

Not only will they train you for your work, but they also get you ready for the license exam that’s administered in Maine.

Program Requirements

The Specific Requirements are Minimal for Pharmacy Tech Program Entrance

It is important to understand that curriculums are not the same at every school but, assuming they are accredited, your only concern is to look for one that fits your needs. The standard requirements at schools in Maine is that a person must be 18 years of age and have graduated from high school.

Picking Training Programs

Info On Certified Pharmacy Tech Training Courses in Maine

It is essential to make certain any program you’re interested in is properly accredited and, in Maine that means acceptance by the ASHP. You will not be allowed to sit for the certification exam in ME if you do not graduate from a licensed institution.

Tuition Expenses

Please remember to consider that institutions have varying costs. It’s also very likely that each school has different financial assistance plans. The counselor for your preferred institution can be really helpful in these instances.

Overview of Certified Pharmacy Technician Training Classes

The goal of any certified pharmacy technician training programs is to prepare the student for the daily demands of working at a medical care center that dispenses prescription drugs. Themes discussed will normally include: ME laws regarding pharmaceuticals, how to satisfy client prescriptions, ways to control inventory and various other basics relating to running a pharmacy, plus some fundamental health and science material. Outside of these courses, there will be comprehensive coverage of all laws and regulations for ME.

Certification Resources

What You Will Need to Earn Your License in Maine

It is not required at this time, but certified pharmacy technician certification will soon become needed for work. The list below lists out what exactly is necessary today for certification in Maine.

• 16 years of age
• Apply and pay fee to the Maine Pharmacy Board
• Successfully pass ExCPT or PTCB exams
• Retaining your certification by working your CE hours

If you’d like to receive more info about the current licensure process in Maine, the National Healthcare Association provides the following guide here.

Occupational Outlook

Pharmacy Jobs in Maine

The current marketplace for certified pharmacy tech jobs in Maine is rising faster in comparison to the national average as outlined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a career, CPHT jobs will increase by an estimated 17% according to The mean pharmacy tech salary is very competitive in the market at 28,100 based on the details shown at

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