Guide on How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

If you are interested in the opportunity to become a pharmacy tech, you will have to have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. There are two ways to training to become a pharmacy technician. On the job training or through an accredited pharmacy technician school, be it online or in a traditional setting. Be aware that some states to not require a pharmacy tech certification or license for employment. Those states are Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Before we Start – Skills to Become a Pharmacy Tech

  • Be a Detailed Oriented Person
  • Possess Strong Customer Service Skills
  • Have Strong Basic Mathematics Skills
  • Have Working Organizational Skills
  • Must Have the Ability to Listen Well

Finding the Right Pharmacy Tech School for you

Though on the job learning is still very common in the country’s pharmacies, more and more employers are leaning to the accredited programs for their new hires. If you attend an accredited program you will be ready and prepared to take the (PTCB) National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam.

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Be Sure to Check the School’s Accreditation

The (ASHP) American Society of Health System Pharmacists website shows any pharmacy tech school’s acreditation status. This ensures that you have a knowledge of any prospective school’s status and the education they would provide. the government is cracking down on these schools, so be aware of it.

Accredited Online Pharmacy Technician Schools

Pharmacy tech schools online are growing everyday. There are many benefits to them. Save money, time and have total control of your learning pace. Plan your modules out and meet your goals on an accelerated timeline!

How Long Does it Take to Become a Pharmacy Technician?

Accredited Programs are typically about 6 months to 2 years in total length. Using an online course will speed up the timeline on this substantially.

Is on-the-job Training Available?

Considering that Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin do not mandate a pharmacy technician certification for employment, yes it is available. In these states, pharmacy assistant or technician training is done on the job. Remember, just because they do not require it. Employers prefer it. It is becoming necessary from the employer end, even if the state does not.

How Long is on the job Training?

In most situations in three to twelve months you can become a pharmacy tech in on the job training. Your ability to learn determines that. There is a 600 hour minimum for education and training in most states. Becoming a pharmacist assistant takes time, patience, hard work and training.

The nice thing about on the job training and why it works with pharmacy techs and assistants is that the job has multiple parts. And some of those can be done right away. Duties like running the register and data entry can be done in the beginning. They are important roles of the pharmacy and have to be done. But as time goes by you will naturally take on more roles depending on your training level as determined by your training pharmacist.

The Pharmacy Technician License and Certification

With there being only two main national agencies. The (NHA) or National Healthcareer Association and the (PTCB) or Pharmacy Technician Certification Board that have national testing platforms for becoming pharmacy technicians. Arizona, Louisiana, Texas and Washington only accept the PTCB certification, so be aware of that if you live there. It is also the most used across the country. The PTCB certification and NHA license will get you going towards your goal to become a CPHT!

What is in the Pharmacy Tech Certification Exam?

The PTCE is a 90 question test to see if you have the knowledge and training to become a pharmacy technician.

  • Pharmacist and Pharmacy Assisting – 2/3 of test – The inner working of the job. The standard practices and what to do when and how.
  • Inventory Management and Control – 1/5 of test – Managing the inventory of all supplies, medicines and medications.
  • Standards of Regulations and Protocols – 1/8 of test – Having working knowledge of all the legalities of being a pharmacy tech or pharmacy assistant

Now you Kow How to Become a (CPHT) Certified Pharmacy Technician!

Nothing can stop you now! You have all the tools needed to become a pharmacy tech or pharmacy assistant in as fast as 6 months with accredited schooling or 3 months with on the job training! Good luck!!

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