Guide to Pharmacy Technician Schools Online

In online pharmacy technician schools, all those hwo complete the accredited online course will be eligible for the (CPHT) Certified Pharmacy Technician certification examination. Which is offered by the (NHA) National Healthcareer Association, and the (PTCE) Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam, administered by the (PTCB) Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. Getting a pharmacy tech certification has never been easier!

Selecting Schools

Selecting Pharmacy Tech Schools Online

When looking at online pharmacy tech school enrollment, one needs to think about the school’s accreditation and a few other things. Below we cover them:

  • Program Accreditation – In today’s job environment you need to have a proper education and training. Getting an accredited education does this for you! Check the (PTCB) Pharmacy Technician Certification Board website for the prospective school’s accreditation status.
  • Cost – Make sure to look at all your options to save your money. Don’t just take their word for it, talk to multiple schools.
  • Job Placement or Externship Programs – If both of these are available that is a big bonus! But either one can help you immensely getting prepared for the job and finding a job!


Online Pharmacy Technician Program Objectives

After completing the online classes you will be ready to perform all the required functions of a (CPHT) Certified Pharmacy Technician. Most online schools work in modules. It is common to have 6 module courses. This makes it great to focus on one module at a time. Some of those skills taught in these modules are listed below:

  • Pharmacy Assisting – Knowledge of all pharmacy practices and protocols
  • Inventory Management of Medicine and Supplies – Using inventory management skills, organization skills and attention to detail.
  • Safety Guidelines, Systems, Regulations and Standards – Overall knowledge of the legalities and protocols of the position.


Advantages to an Online Pharmacy Tech Certification

There are many advantages to getting an online education compared to going to a campus or classroom. Below we cover these advantages:

  • Save Personal Time – Online classes in a module set up will allow you to work at your own time, when it is allowed
  • Save Money – Tuition costs are lower in online courses. Combined with other cost savings like gas and food, online programs make sense for pharmacy techs
  • Work at Your own Pace – Whether or not you are going to grind it out in 6 months or less (which you can) or you are trying to get it done in a year. Online pharmacy tech schools give you the control of your own pace of learning.
  • Get on the Fast Track! – Doing as much as you can online will absolutely give you a head start on the competition and get you going towards certification faster.

Online Class Layout

What is the Typical Layout of Pharmacy Technician Schools Online?

Most online program layouts are similar in their formatting and what is taught. The format is typically done in modules. Most programs consist of 6 course modules. Below are some examples of what is taught:

  • Usage of dosage forms
  • Administration routes
  • Medicinal Measurements and Calculations
  • Safety Protocols and Procedures
  • Pharmacology

Online courses have a common way of doing things, If you have taken an online program before, than this will not be much different.

See our Online Pharmacy Technician Schools Below

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Get Ready for (CPHT) Success With Online Pharmacy Tech Training!

With the information provided you are now ready to talk to online pharmacy tech schools. Be sure to talk to numerous programs to get a full sense of what is best for you! Good luck!

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