Pharmacy Technician Job Description - 21 Tasks

When looking at the pharmacy technician job description is becomes clear that there are some tasks that stand out in a real world setting. These tasks and duties make up what you would do on a daily basis as a pharmacy tech. We at have sifted through all the nonsense, cut through the red tape and we have listed the tasks below:

There are 21 Critical Tasks Within the Pharmacy Tech Job Description

Task # Task Description
1 Properly receive any written prescription or refill requests from patrons and then properly verify their information and make sure it is accurate.
2 Properly store and secure all drugs following all guidelines and regulations.
3 Answer phones, questions and assist customers.
4 Affix labels and fill bottles with prescribed medication.
5 Answer medical questions that are basic in nature and know when to refer questions to the pharmacist.
6 File and price all prescriptions that have been filled in the pharmacy.
7 Handle the cleaning, sterilizing or storage of all utensils and supplies. All following OSHA guidelines.
8 Manage and handle patient records. This includes all medications taken by each individual patient and customer. This is a key task.
9 Order, manage, supply and keep track of all chemicals, medicines and other hazardous materials.
10 Receive all incoming ordered supplies for the pharmacy. Manage and control supply inventory.
11 Using aseptic techniques manage all disposal of medicinal equipment.
12 Prep (IV) packs under direct supervision of the pharmacist. This will include adding the nutrients.
13 Control and supply all mechanical and motorized equipment used in the pharmacy or office.
14 Track, maintain and record all insurance data for the pharmacy.
15 Mix preparations of medicines according to specific prescriptions.
16 Operate cash registers and assit customers in transactions at the counter.
17 Enter all costs in the computer for data and processing records.
18 Deliver medicines and medications throughout hospital and surgery centers where applicable
19 Change prices on labels for pharmacy and handle all sales.
20 Manage, maintain and handle all home health care and homerpathic supplies.
21 Whatever your pharmacuist says! OK we threw that in for fun. But it couldn’t hurt.

The Pharmacy Technician Job Description Tells the True Tale

The real job is right there in front of you. No joke. You will learn how to do all of these tasks in on the job training or in an accredited pharmacy tech program. The next step is up to you! Go find a school today and get started!!

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