Pharmacy Technician Jobs Guide

Pharmacy Technician Jobs are growing fast according to’s latest data. At 20% growth for the next decade it is one of the fastest growing non-degree healthcare careers in the entire healthcare field! Getting certified as a pharmacy tech has never been a better plan for a career!

Apply to 13 Pharmacy Tech Jobs in One Place!

Click on each link and it will take you to the career center or application pages for each of these pharmacy technician employers. They employs thousands of pharmacy techs and they will be providing and employing the largest portion of that 20% growth expected by the United Bureau of Labor Statistics. So getting your application in there will pay dividends in the long run.

Employers Online Application Link
CVS / Pharmacy
Meijer, Inc.
Omnicare, Inc
Publix Super Markets Inc
Rite Aid Corporation
Rite Aid Pharmacy
Target Corporation
The Kroger Company
Walgreen Co.
Walgreen’s Pharmacy
Wal-Mart Pharmacy
Wal-Mart Stores

Explore Pharmacy Tech Training Programs in Your Area!

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Job Outlook for Pharmacy Technicians

The overall hiring and employment of (CPHT) Certified Pharmacy Technicians, as noted above, is expected to grow at least 20% from 2012 to the year 2022. That is well above the national average for all careers and occupations, let alone the healthcare field. There are a few factors that will lead to an increased overall demand for all prescription medicines and medications. Which means, in turn, that someone has to give that medication to them. That is where pharmacy techs come in.

Pharmacy Technician Job Growth – Why

We all know that the population is aging. With most the older folks in the country will commonly use much much more prescription medication and medicine than others that are younger. America uses more prescription medication than anybody else in the world. And that is not going to change anytime soon. In fact, it could sky rocket! With healthcare system changes, there is also a huge jump in the number of covered individuals. Which leads to more medication being prescribed. Which is a huge driver in the expected growth for pharmacy techs.

Growing Benefits for Pharmacy Tech Careers

Also, the roles of the pharmacy technician are growing as the role of the pharmacist evolves. Flu shots take a lot of time and the reliance on a strong reliable pharmacy tech is imperative to the success of the pharmacy. The salary expectations are growing with this demand also. Slowly but surely.

Now go get (CPHT) Certified Pharmacy Technician Applications!

This is just the start of your career and search! It takes time so be patient. After applying be sure to follow up a few days later and don’t stop until you get an answer. And if you get a no. Keep going back. Trust us, it works. Persistence is always rewarded in these situations. Good Luck!!

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