Guide to Selecting Pharmacy Technician Schools

Ok, you are considering enrolling in one of the many accredited pharmacy technician schools in your area or in an online program. What do you do next? Dive right in and just pick a school and go? No, do not do that! By just spending a minute or two of your time checking out our tips to selecting the right program will absolutely make your decision making process smoother and will allow you to ask questions that matter.

The requirements to get in to an accredited pharmacy tech program are quite simple. You just must have a high school diploma or possess a GED or equivalent to compensate.

The 3 Step Process to Picking Pharmacy Technician Schools

The object of pharmacy tech programs and on-the-job training for aspiring technicians and assistants is to prepare you for the (PTCB) Certification Exam. The pharmacy tech license test is the final barrier to your certification. With that being said, it is essential that your training gives you all the necessary information, training and resources for you to succeed. Below you will find insight to selecting the right CPHT school for your needs and lifestyle.

Step 1 - Check the Program's Accreditation

How and Why to Check a Pharmacy Technician Program’s Accreditation

Be sure to check your school’s accreditation at the interactive map of accredited programs at website of the American Society of Health System Pharmacists otherwise known in the industry as just the ASHP. Honestly, it is widely considered a waste of time to not attend an accredited school. Accredited training for pharmacy techs is essential for their career opportunities and growth.

You can also find an accredited school in our search feature in the top right corner of website. Just enter your zip-code to start find accredited pharmacy tech training in your area!There has been a lot of attention and focus on accreditation by the government as of late with many schools being shut down due to not meeting or following accrediting standards and practices. We want to you to succeed at!

Step 2 - Talk to Different Pharmacy Tech Schools

Get Information From Multiple Schools

The advantage to talking to multiple schools cannot be understated. It can make a huge difference maker in many ways. We list them below for you:

  • Find Cost Savings – By talking to different schools and programs you may find ways to save on tuition or books. Also, finding the range of education for pharmacy tech training is the critical thing to find out. Do not over pay.
  • Find the Right Course Layout for you – Talking to multiple schools will expose you to the different courses and program layouts used in pharmacy technician schools today.
  • You Just get a Feel for What is for you – Like taking your time to buy a car, enrolling in school is something that is jumped in to after high school. And if you are going back to school, talking to different schools will really benefit you specifically.

Step 3 - Set a Career and Education Plan

What is a Career and Education Plan and how Will it Help?

When you are in the middle of step 2 (talking to different schools) they will show you timetables for finishing school. Each one will be different. Some will be online and some will not. The timetable is the key. Match your availability and drive to their course layout, costs and make a concise plan to follow.

Discipline is what saves you time and money. And that you cannot afford to lose. Nobody can! You can get in to and finish a pharmacy technician training program in as fast 6 months in some cases and as long as 2 years if your are going for the highest levels of licensing and certification.

Having a firm grasp and control over your career path is what is all about. The more you of that you have, the more confidence you will gain while in your CPHT training courses. Each module will be a lot easier if you know you are on track and what the next milestone is.

Now Go Find Pharmacy Technician Schools!

If you think you are ready to find the right CPHT school now, put your zip-code in search box in the top right corner of the page. Your certification awaits you! Go find the right pharmacy technician school today!

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